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Angelic Inspirations™1962 International Inc. (LLC)

Official Owner:

World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD. Rose is the only one who does psychic readings, consultings etc.

Public Notice of Fraud & Scams: There is no other psychic, reiki practioner, tarot card reader, angel reader, business or professional consultant hired by, employed by, owner of, connected to or associated with the business name of Angelic Inspirations or Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD. Any such person claiming such is a scam artist, a fraud and is confusing the public deliberately to draw them to their site with using the name of Angelic Inspirations or key words to perform illegal acts of fraud and scams. Be Ware and avoid such individuals. They appear to be genuine and honest, but are not. We are working with law enforcement & FBI to deal with such unscrupulous individuals.

There is no other psychic, therapist, healing center, tarot card reader, palm reader or such as owners of, employed by or associated with Angelic Inspirations International Inc. Angelic Inspirations is a registered trademark and copyrighted with United states Trademark office under Angelic Inspirations ™ 1962 under Rose Ann Schwab & Bernadette K. Schwab.

Angelic Inspirations ™ LLC International

Business Partner & Advisor:

Bernadette K. Schwab (Sister)

Business Ownership: Family Owned (5 members)

Staff Single Parents Depending On Job: Maria Farnsworth Receptionist, Subcontracting Staff for Angelic Inspirations; Dan Fredericks, Pat Gibbons, Joe Lynch  & Jill Stiles


Business, Trade Mark  & Prosecuting Attorney,

Legal Counsel: Christopher Morris, Attorney at Law MN (O'Neill Traxler Zard Nielsen & Morris,  Prior Lake, MN )


Executive Branch:

Board of Directors (undisclosed)  8 Individuals from various areas, offices and backgrounds including but not limited to law enforcement

Board of Advisors (undisclosed)  18  Individuals from various areas, offices and backgrounds including but not limited to law enforcement, legislature, law, journalists, authors, top names, singers & actors to name a few






    Angelic Inspirations ™ 1962, International Inc. (LLC) 5216 Brookdale Drive N, Minneapolis, MN 55443