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 "We are all gifted psychically. It is up to us to develop them or not. If we choose to develop our psychic abilities, we must learn to use them with understanding, responsibility and wisdom." © Rose Ann Schwab


"Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else."
– Judy Garland 


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  Rose Ann Schwab, World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Professional and Business Consultant

Rose has high integrity, honesty, ethics, and tested by the Federal Government to be 98% accurate. Over 50 years experience, highly educated with many fields of expertise, Credible established reputation. Angelic Inspirations first commercially used and est. in 1962. Rose makes it a wonderful experience with meaning and accuracy.

Rose is well known, used and loved internationally.  This is Rose's life's work and specialized fields of expertise.

Brief Information About Dr. Rose Ann Schwab PhD, World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium & Professional/Business Consultant

Rose didn't choose this career or the spot light, this career and the spot light chose her. She has helped millions worldwide. Rose overcame tremendous obstacles and hardships. Rose had been using her gifts all her life to assist others and to make a difference. She had been directed by God in her path to continue this work and help others openly with their gifts and abilities in a better understanding changing the image and stigma associated with the word and name "psychics."

Rose's highly attuned gifts, expertise & years of experience are unparalleled because Rose's gifts, expertise work, high awards and recognitions are totally different. She is a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium and Intuitive Professional and Business Consultant who has received numerous high awards and recognitions officially documenting the truth to her claims. Rose is known as "the reliable source" or "the credible source" for information as she works upfront or behind the scenes.

Rose does not use tarot cards, or use any form of props. She does not do palm reading or astrology. Rose is a clairvoyant psychics with "true gifts". Rose has visions in symbols, pieces of puzzles, pictures, motion pictures, insights, dream visions, wake visions. She is well known as an oracle, intuitive professional/business consultant, seer, psychic, clairvoyant, medium, staret, wise woman, angel, to name a few for her outstanding psychic abilities that goes into intuitive professional, business, financial and image consulting expertise. The Individual or Individuals who have their session from Rose with her predictions and insights in high accuracy, and her outstanding abilities, expertise, and ancient knowledge, are more likely to succeed and many that have used them are indeed in their advancement or success.

 Rose Ann Schwab work as advisor to the police, FBI, the government, generations of United States Presidents, the White House, Senators, and Representatives, in professional consulting regarding the economy, devastations, jobs, and national home land security to name a few. Rose because of her hard work of over 50 years with her credible established reputation is psychic. Rose is accepted in the psychic/spiritual/paranormal communities as well as in the professional, political and business communities. High credible established reputation and accuracy.

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Rose is not like your local psychic and her gifts are unparalleled, with her giving a tremendous amount of information with 98% accuracy rate. Rose is international helping individuals worldwide by phone, in person & live Skype Webcam sessions. Rose Does Not do tarot cards, palm readings, Spells or use props of any kinds.

She is a true genuine gifted psychic with a credible established reputation of high integrity, ethics, honesty and high accuracy through years of hard work that establishing herself as the Top World Renowned Psychic Medium and Professional Consultant used Today worldwide. Rose has worked with Fortune 500 & 1000 companies & celebrities. She works with individuals worldwide keeping information as a Doctor & client confidentiality privilege. Rose does not share her information, sell it or talk about individual clients & works well behind the scenes as well using her gifts to make a difference. She does sign confidentiality contracts as well to help in the privacy of her clientele.  Angelic inspirations©®™ is international

Rose is the only one who does the readings & consultings.  Rose has over 55 years experience, many fields of expertise listed in our services lower on this page, and 98% accuracy. Do not compare your local psychics to Rose. Rose is local, national & international & unparallel & cannot be compared to them. She is a PhD with many fields of higher education including psychology, law, real estate & many more...  Rose has a 99% return clientele rate,  with a high clientele recommendations. Client Recommendations & Testimonials

Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD is an International Famous Celebrity Psychic

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FEES: $900 30min.  $1200 for 60 min. Sessions are timed. Fees required before services are given. Per person. We work with all incomes worldwide. Must have income & pay by Accepted payments below.     US dollar  (1) 763-535-7982  

Life Readings/Human Design/Astronomy/Vision Reading: Documented readings with charts and graphics, information completely on you, visions with direction and guidance to name a few. For more Info Life Readings/Human Design/Astronomy/Visions Link

Lower Fees For Those In Need: Must ask, meet requirements & qualify

Session Are By: Phone, In Person & Skype Webcam/Internet

Call 763-535-7982 to schedule your session & pay your fees.

Payments Accepted: We accept all credit cards, bank checking & savings cards, bank gift visa/master cards or bank draft, cash/money order which must be received in the office before the reading is given.

Angelic Inspirations Policies: We have the right to decline any individual service who we feel is being not being honest, has no respect for us, our time or the effort we make to help you. Cancellation Must Be Done 48 hours before your appointed time. There are no refunds given after the reading has been done. There is a $50 processing fee & cancellation charge that is automatically taken out as non-refundable charge for all due to the high banking transaction costs.

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Accuracy: Tested by law enforcement and The White House to be 98% accurate. Actual Visions: "True" Psychic Visions,


Psychic Dr. Rose's gifts are in the category of Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon and Nostradamus Predictions. Rose is credible, established with over 50 years experience and many fields of expertise. She is the top psychic clairvoyant medium that is known, loved and used by thousands internationally since 1962. Rose has appeared on many talk shows, radio and TV shows such as Angels the Messengers, Miracles, Sally Raphael show, Unsolved Mysteries to name a few in the course of her over 50 years as a credible established psychic.


Rose Has Assisted Many Individuals & Celebrities Internationally:

Rose's insights have been used by many celebrities, individuals and businesses world wide. She has been advisor to the FBI, The White House under generations of US Presidents to name a few. Rose has also been advisor for TV, movies & radio shows on angels, psychic/paranormal and much more. She works with high end clientele, as well as individuals of all incomes worldwide. Predictions of  success for Sylvia Browne as well as her problems, James Van Praagh, (2 TV shows and various other success in careers) and insights used by Echo Bodine, (knowledge that everyone is gifted & much more, Cyndi Dale (professional consulting), Ophra Winfrey (angel network), Montel Williams, (professional consulting and suggestions for show with Sylvia Browne as well as giving readings on the show) and generations of United States Presidents and The White House in professional business consulting (economy, national security, natural disasters, war, business, professional, government (FBI, CIA, and legislature), Top Companies (fortune 500, 1000) Individuals from all over the world (Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Korea, Italy, America, France, England, Iraq, Indonesia, Canada).. to name a few....all documented and publicly known. Client Recommendations & Testimonials Link



BRIEF INFORMATION ABOUT Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium & Professional Consultant Dr. Rose Ann Schwab PhD is an award winning accurate psychic, over 55 years experience, highly educated, & many fields of expertise including parapsychology, psychology, law to name a few with education, experience and expertise. She has had near death experiences, one at the age of 6 of drowning with while swimming with her sister. Rose has talked and channeled angels and "dead people" since the age of 4. She was born with her gifts and has used them all her life to make a difference. Rose has worked as advisor to The White House/US Presidents for generations, law enforcement, and FBI. Rose has been tested by law enforcement, to be 98% accurate. She is known as the top consultant, psychic reader, personal consultant, relationship counselor, life coach, career and professional business advisor as well as spiritual advisor that is used and loved worldwide. Rose's gifts and abilities are in the category, Nostradamus, Jean Dixon and Edgar Cayce to name a few, high established credible reputation, accuracy, honesty, ethics and integrity. Rose has taught at the University of Minnesota for over 5 years in a private special requested class.

In psychic readings or professional consultings World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD is very humble in her gifts and abilities. She is a very warm, honest and sincere individual.  Rose's predictions have come true with 98% accuracy. Rose is known as the "reliable source" or "credible source" in the reporting in news briefings, CNN, to the media and the public from the White House and other sources.

In Rose's outstanding work, she is well known for her predictions of the terrorist attacks on America, severe storms/weather, unsolved mysteries......Terrorist plans and plotting to attack U.S. during political process, 100% accuracy in 2004 election predictions.... as well as past election predictions what does the future elections hold for us in the quakes,.....polar changes, tsunamis....500 golden years... gas, oil and heating increased prices 5 years before they occurred and much more.  Rose's Predictions LINK

When you receive a reading or consulting from Rose, you will feel and know the difference in your experience right away. You will feel peace & calm and drawn to Rose's light. With Rose's near death experience individuals have stated that you can definitely see the light surrounding Rose & when she talks feel the presence of light and angels all around her. It is like "Having A Little Bit Of Heaven Right Here On Earth.©"



The Info Provided will answer most of your questions!

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  • FEELINGS of peace, calm, and alignment with the Higher Sources, Divine and Angels regardless of faith or belief

In Rose's outstanding work, she is well known for her predictions of the terrorist attacks on America, severe storms/weather, unsolved mysteries......Terrorist plans and plotting to attack U.S. during political process, 100% accuracy in 2004 election predictions.... as well as past election predictions what does the future elections hold for us in the quakes,.....polar changes, tsunamis....500 golden years...and much more. Rose's Predictions


  Brief Information

Rose is considered to be the top, best and most accurate established credible reputation. International and used by individuals, celebrities, law enforcement, the white house, and the government.




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