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We cannot return phone calls if:

1.) IF you are using a calling card, calling cards are for your calling out not someone returning your call.

2.) IF you call after hours and expect immediate service. We are a regular business with business hours, not open 24 hours a day.

3.) IF you are international and call after hours and expect immediate service. Please check the Time Zone clocks to see what hour it is when you call us at our country, and state location vs. your current time. Your time may vary quite a bit from our Time Zone (4-10 hours difference).

4.) IF your message from the call has static, if we cannot make out your message from a cell phone or regular phone or we are unable to obtain information from our informational only extensions, that you leave a message on.


We Cannot guarantee clearness of session:

If you are using a cell phone we can not guarantee the quality of the session or of the quality of the complimentary taping of your session, due to static, poor reception, cut outs, drop calls or other such problems beyond our control connected to the use of your cell phone for the paid session.

All of Rose's sessions are to the best of her abilities, there are no guarantees, readings are based on information and actual visions seen at the time of the reading. She is not held responsible for or does not guarantee sessions based on acts of God, circumstance, changes, free will, others choices, fate, people you come in contact with.  Rose has never had to give a refund, in her over 50 years of work.



In person, or on the phone  readings and consulting that are not cancelled within 48 hrs. and are no shows will be considered and treaded as a lost appointment.

The fees paid will not be refunded and will be donated to our favorite charity.

If you miss your scheduled session and don't call to reschedule within 24 hours or not call at all, You must then reschedule and pay the fee once again.

We establish appointment times for sessions for this specific reason, it costs us money and our time. We ask you to please be on time whether in person or by phone, whether you call us or we call you. When you are not on time or no show, within 7 minutes of your session, your session will be canceled and you will need to reschedule.

  •  Being RESPONSIBLE is the key to a successful and accurate session and success in life.

    If you must cancel a session: We do not give cancellation refunds, you must reschedule because this time was set up specifically for you and it would be a loss of revenue for us that locked out other potential clients. Individuals from time to time do change their mind about having a session after the time has been fit in specifically for you and your fees have been charged to your account. You must reschedule, if you need to cancel for any reason, all sales are finial in services given whether payment is received before or after session.

    Angelic Inspirations ™ 1962, International Inc. (LLC) 5216 Brookdale Drive N, Minneapolis, MN 55443