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Not A Yes Psychic/Consultant

         Refund Policy/Legal Terms




     In the sessions no one ever asks just one question because the session always leads to more unanswered questions.

     Some individuals come to us for a one time experience others return to us on a regular basis. Rose concentrated and specialized in the areas listed utilizing her gifts and abilities.




 When individuals are in the sessions they finally realize the credibility and accuracy of Rose's sessions, the abundance of information given and her gifts, and tend to extend their sessions beyond the 30 minute session agreed upon at the time of scheduling, which causes delays, and late sessions for other scheduled clients whether on the phone or in person. Therefore, our Sessions are limited to 30 minutes per agreement or 60 or 90 min per agreement.




Individual Clients who are searching for information especially in relationships, but in other areas as well, may become what we call co-dependant on Rose. Continuously contacting us to have a reading with Rose on a daily basis, weekly basis, or such. We limit our clients and readings to not more then 2-4 readings per year with the emphasis to 2. We do not accept clients such as this and highly discourage these individuals from continuous readings. Some individuals may become angry or negative toward us because of this. This simply means they have not change their life, or move on, expecting us to tell them what they want to hear as a yes psychic.




 Rose does not tell you what you want to hear, and is not a yes psychic. She tells you the truth of what she sees in her extraordinary abilities of 95-100% accuracy, Rose does not claim to be God or know everything and is human and not perfect. Even though Rose has had near death experiences she is very humble in everything she does. Rose is an extraordinary person of extraordinary abilities that are unparallel. Rose lives in the moment and tries to help others with her 500 page free website that is very expensive to operate, so that she may demonstrate to others her knowledge and share freely some of it in the light and warm of love she has been given. She offers this site freely packed full of information and the only one of its kind. There are no other psychic, professional consultant or website to compare to Rose or Angelic Inspirations.

There is only one Psychic Medium Rose Schwab and Angelic Inspirations that is this generous and sharing of this free information on this website. In using others you have to pay to get this kind of information or help that is offered freely at no charge on this website of information. Fees charged by Rose for her sessions and services are her only income and means of support that allows this information to be shared so openly and in doing so helps her to continue her work in touching others lives in a positive manner, and in turn they touch other lives in a positive manner forming a circle of light and love and helping Rose to form a legacy in her remembrance of her life.



Notice: If you are given an in person session scheduled time and you do not keep your appointment, or call us to make arrangements for another scheduled time, you will not be given another chance to have a session with Rose. It is only common courtesy to call at least 24 hours before. If Payment is by credit card, and you miss your appointed time, no refunds are given. Prepaid Missed Appointments or No Shows will be considered as services given.  Once payment is made sessions must be rescheduled if you must cancel your appointed time.  We do not give refunds. We are a professional and business established company since 1962.

We do not give refunds before the session or after. If you need to cancel your session, you must rescheduled.

ALL proceeds are immediately separated from each paid session.  They are taken directly and immediately out of each session for food shelters, homeless shelters, animal shelters, and various charities. We are the only professional service and business that has this provision in our services for charity causes.

We do not give refunds, because this money is already taken out to provide for the needy and cannot be replaced. There is no funds remaining.

Legal Terms: When you accept and pay for professional services  you agree to the above terms. There are no acceptations.

Charity begins at home, and for over 54 years we have given off the top to charities and the needed. This is our policy publically declared and legally defined.


    Angelic Inspirations ™ 1962, International Inc. (LLC) 5216 Brookdale Drive N, Minneapolis, MN 55443