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  Length of Sessions: 30 min sessions or 60 min sessions

Sessions: In person or by phone. Webcam readings are offered at extra charged fees & depends on type of connection service that is used. Email readings or consultings are only done with established known long term clientele.

Same Day Sessions: Same day or in Emergency situations by phone if time is available. First come first served. In Person session are usually within 24-72 hours.

Session Availability:  Usually 24-72 hours depending on time availability and length of session. Rose does book  in advance.

Time Zone: Central Standard. (Please check your time zone when calling, times are different depending where you live). Examples: If we are 5:00, West Coast Pacific is 3:00-2 hrs difference behind us, Alaska 2:00-3hrs difference behind us, Hawaii 1:00-4hrs difference behind us, Eastern 6:00-1 hrs difference ahead of us, Atlantic 7:00- 2 hrs difference ahead of us, International for example Ireland/UK 7hours ahead of us


Notes: Please feel free to take notes if you wish to have a written record of your session.

Recordings: Please feel free to record your personal or professional session. Please let us know if you are doing a recording so we may make sure you get the best possible result, by using a recording devise or a digital recorder or cam recorder.


Demographics: Local, National & International.

Educational Background: Many fields of expertise and experience. PhD










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