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"We hope you find comfort, peace and light as you continue to visit our website. Angelic Inspirations is focused on connecting with people, helping to bring a better understanding, and making a difference in the world. We are here to provide encouragement and relief as you progress in your quest for answers and information.  We provide answers through the power of the Holy Spirit From God and His Angels in our psychic abilities and insights." World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Dr. Rose Schwab, PhD.



Rated #1 In Search Engines By You For Rose's Outstanding Credible Work

Angelic Inspirations has a non-profit organization (Angelic Inspirations Light & Healing Center) & foundation (The Flame Of Life Foundation)  that helps various charities such as cancer, food shelters, pet shelters/rescue, law enforcement, firefighters, Jaycees,  and homeless shelters to name a few  or offers assistance to those who sincerely need our services at lower costs if they meet our requirements due to financial circumstance beyond their control.

Angelic Inspirations has been around since 1962, and is a stable credible established company with high integrity, ethics and honesty that knows how to help others succeed in life. Angelic Inspirations is a spiritual name totally inspired by angels. Our lives have been touched by God and Angels spiritually, which adds a unique quality of light, integrity, honesty and ethics to our business.

Angelic Inspirations is a psychic, personal, professional, & business consulting service and firm based on spirituality and established since 1962 with the credible established reputation, experience of over 55 years and 98% accuracy of World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD.

Angelic Inspirations International LLC is a professional licensed consulting firm that does personal, psychic, professional and business consulting (under the names of Angelic Inspirations, Angelic Inspiration, Angelic Inspirations International, Angelic Inspirations International Incorporated, Angelic Inspirations LLC to name a few,) with many fields of expertise and many years of experience working with top names and professionals in the field, as well as individuals of all incomes worldwide, celebrities, actors, entertainers, other psychics, governments internationally, and law enforcement agencies as well as the United States government, The White House and generations of United States Presidents. (all officially documented with letters, documents and pictures by said individuals)

Angelic Inspirations is a credible established professional and accurate business through the partnership of Bernadette K. Schwab (About Bernadette Link) and Rose Ann Schwab (About Rose Ann Schwab Link).

There is no other legal company, psychics, consultants, healers, tarot card readers, reiki practioner, etc. These individuals are scam artists, and dishonestly using the name of Angelic Inspirations claiming an illegal connection in key words, or claiming the name of Angelic Inspirations as owners of. We warn you about these individuals who are using the name of Angelic Inspirations. They are not connected to us in any way and are frauds, con artists and dishonest individuals who fraudulently use the words and business name to direct you to their site where they offer similar if not the same type of services.  We suggest you block any connection or use of, as recommended by our legal counsel, the Courts, & the FBI. These individuals perpetrate money scams, and fraud to unwary individuals through false promises, false information, threats, pressure, and scare tactics.    (*Rose has worked with law enforcement since she was a child. She works confidentially with law enforcement, FBI confidentially, and is a member of InfraGard Nationally and Locally in MN, that is a collaboration between law enforcement, FBI & Individual citizens who wish to make a difference in the world.)

Rose has receive high awards, recognitions, high clientele testimonials, gold medals, and plaques in her over 50 years of established work.

Angelic Inspirations  got its start from two sisters, who believe in "Sharing Their Universal Light" of their gifts, expertise & talents in a professional services  with others.   Angelic Inspirations first started out as an angelically inspired idea from Rose, Bernadette and their mother Lorraine Schwab, during a time of their father's  and other employees' long term strike, where food, money were very limited, a time when....... from there it became history.....

 Rose & Bernadette established Angelic Inspirations in 1962 and it has expanded internationally today. The name ANGELIC INSPIRATIONS has its meaning from ANGELIC which are qualities attributed to ANGELS such as beauty, purity, or kindness and INSPIRATIONS which is a DIVINE INFLUENCE directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.

Our established high reputation is built on our  high credibility, high integrity, honesty, ethics, professionalism, educational background, strict confidentiality and years of expertise in many fields as well as our  high accuracy of 95%. This is why we have received awards for our outstanding work in making a difference, being a leader and our high credibly established reputation based on high integrity, ethics and honesty, as well as receiving high awards & recognitions from various individuals in high office and around the world since 1962. We also have high clientele satisfaction testimonials. All are fully documented and openly displayed not just listed, in this website and in our office. We take pride in our work and our high credible reputation for professional services we offer as well as our both spiritual and professional informational website. We try to provide you with the most accurate and complete information available.

What We Are Not.... Local psychics, or psychic hotlines or scam artists.

What We Do Not Use: Props of any kind, no tarot cards, palm readings, charts, astrology or tea leaves.

What We Are: We are an established credible consulting firm and service with many fields of expertise including psychic readings, professional and business consulting to name a few. True Gifted Psychics established, credible reputation, respected, accepted and used in the psychic realm, political realm and in the professional realm. Our insights are highly valued and used nationally, and internationally.

What We Use & Have: True Psychic Visions

What Our Accuracy is: 98% tested by law enforcement and The White House.

Our Charities & Donations: We give on a monthly bases to food shelters, homeless shelters money and food donations. In yearly bases to Charities to Make a Wish Foundation, J C's for children, St. Jude's children's hospital, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Heart Disease, State Patrol, MN Police Foundation, MN Fighter Fighters Foundation are just a few that Angelic Inspirations assists with their proceeds unselfishly. This is our way of giving back for our many blessings.


We are not to be compared to other psychics, their gifts, abilities, work, and expertise.  Rose's gifts and abilities are in the category of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce with an accuracy of 95%.Tested by law enforcement to be 98% accurate. We are  "true" Clairvoyant Psychics & Spiritual Teachers.  Our work is with years of being established, high credible, high ethics, high integrity and highly accurate psychics, healers and spiritual teachers with high, awards/recognitions,  high client testimonials  recognitions and gifts that are unparallel. Rose has received many awards and recognitions from Presidents of the United States (President Carter, President Clinton, all the way to current President Bush) she also has high clientele recommendations as well and has received Award Merit of Excellence 2007  for her outstanding work in her field as Professional Clairvoyant Psychic Medium in her pledge to use her gifts to make a difference, having received this distinguished award in a plaque and official documented letter of acceptance that are openly displaced on her office wall. Documented High Awards & Recognition Pictures.  (click on link) High Clientele Testimonials And Recommendations (click on link) These awards, recognitions, and gold medals and listings can be found in various books in the United States Library of Congress in Washington D.C. as well as documented official evidence in our office, in our portfolio file, and on our office wall to substantiate any claims and proof thereof made by us including advertisement evidence substantiating our claims and integrity of trade mark way back to 1962. No other psychic, or professional consultant can validate or substantiate such claims as ours. US Trademark Registration Legal Info

ABOUT ANGELIC INSPIRATIONS: Angelic Inspirations started out in 1962 from a vision and dream locally and has expanded throughout the world internationally and is truly recognized for the light and love it shares in accuracy, ethics, expertise, integrity, both ancient knowledge and higher educated knowledge incorporating our psychic gifts and abilities and in wanting to make a difference, regardless in differences of faith, creed, beliefs, sexual orientation, color, race or anything else that would be construed as prejudice and discriminating. Angelic Inspirations is listed under Angelic Inspirations, Angelic Inspirations International, Angelic Inspirations Incorporated, Angelic Inspirations International Inc., Angelic Inspirations LLC, Angelic Inspiration, Angelic Inspirations Limited Liability Corporation to name a few. Angelic Inspirations™1962 is the true and official owner of the United States common law trademark and official owners of the United States Registered Trademark with the United States Trademark Office Nationally and Internationally recognized in ownership with Rose Ann Schwab & Bernadette K. Schwab. US Trademark registered # 4,022,290 Class:35, 44,& 45.

Angelic Inspirations is a credible established accurate consulting firm established in 1962 expanding its services internationally over the years. Angelic Inspirations International LLC employees 3-15 individuals and hopes to add more.

There is no other psychic, angel readers, psychic readers, intuitive, individuals who do spells, tarot card reader, therapist, hypnotist, health & wellness center, or those associated with psychic readings or the paranormal connected to, associated with, employed by, or  claims of ownership of Angelic Inspirations1962.

 Only Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD does the psychic readings, consultings and such connected to Angelic Inspirations consulting firm. Others on the staff assist in the work, office work, computers, website, media, and so on. Angelic Inspirations donates to various charities such as food shelters, homeless shelters, dog shelters, Jane Bryant cancer center, cancer research, heart association, St. Jude's hospital for children... and many more animosity.

Angelic Inspirations was founded by Rose, Rose is permanently disabled with spinal injuries, who overcame great hardships and obstacles to make Angelic Inspirations one of the worlds top services locally, nationally, and internationally. She shares her light with thousands of individuals worldwide.


History of Angelic Inspirations

Angelic Inspirations was started in 1962, in Iowa, when our father went on strike at his company. We started using our gifts in commerce at that time. Rose was the fist to start giving readings with refreshment of lemonade at $10.00 for a reading, (which was the first commercial legal use of the trade mark  of Angelic Inspirations, Psychic & Rose, Psychic & Rose Schwab) which went down to $.50. Rose at the age of 10 years old, earned $10.00 to throw into the financial pot to assist in the support of 5 family members. Each family member did out side activities to help bring in some form of earnings. Rose being too young to baby sit, or work any other form of employment, used her insights and inspiration to assist the family in their time of need. This was the first legal commercial use of Psychic & Rose in giving readings to assist our family during a company strike which lasted over 1 year and have been using it ever since with documented evidence of use all the way up to and including today.

*Angelic Inspiration; Through Angelic Inspiration ...True actual psychic visions.

*Angelic Enlightenment; Through Angelic Enlightenment with near death experiences that heightened and strengthened psychic abilities starting at age 6 of drowning, and various accidents throughout her life.

*Angelic Inspirations ; Through the connection to Angel Inspiration's of work in the light from Angels themselves or light spirits, spirit guides, and loved ones that have passed on to name a few that have given Rose her high integrity, honesty and ethics. To use abilities to make a difference as well as to bring about positive energy and changes in the world. With the use of the God given gifts and high accuracy have built Rose's high credible established reputation of over 50 years in the light.

(*Angelic Inspiration, Angelic Enlightenment, Angelic Inspirations are copyrighted words on our website and business to describe our spiritual inspiration. No form of this can be taken off of our website or from our business for personal or financial gains. We do not grant any permissions thereof in the use of or for a business name or key words to confuse the public and draw the public to other sites. Any use there of is a direct violation and fraud).

Psychic & Rose official legal first commercially used trade mark 1962 connected to Angelic Inspirations and Rose Schwab.. We are totally of light and love, and we hope that we will have an impact in your life in your successes, strength, courage and challenges that we all face in life.

Bernadette (in 1994) and Rose moved to Minnesota (Rose in 1992) and filed a business registration in 1995 to get our business state listed and a website placed on the internet in 1997 under the name of Angelic Inspirations, going international with the use of psychic abilities from Psychic Clairvoyant Bernadette Schwab and Psychic Clairvoyant Rose Schwab.

Psychic Clairvoyant Rose and Bernadette has always been a part of our information on the website and key words used to describe us. In 1999 we expanded our psychic business into professional consulting incorporating our high educational background of many fields into the website of Angelic Inspirations with  Rose Schwab, and Bernadette Schwab. We have become the top psychics and professional consultants world wide expanding our business still further into radio, and into domain under our names and business name of Angelic Inspirations. Please see Angelic Inspirations  Legal Information. Rose had spinal injuries in 1989 and the family has then owned and operated Angelic Inspirations Psychic Clairvoyant Rose and Psychic Clairvoyant Bernadette and various other domain names in case  or event Rose Schwab's of death or incapacity to function physically because of the accidents and injuries to her spine. Rose connected to Angelic Inspirations is her specialized field of expertise and only source of income. We are not looking for publicity or recognition, but to do a good thing and at the same time helping in devastations, or charity work and specified charities we donate to.

We are one of the top, very best, and accurate information around.

 Psychic Clairvoyant Mediums Rose & Bernadette Schwab are World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Sisters  with many near death experiences, one of which was drowning at the ages of 6 & 8, that gave them their clairvoyance and many other gifts. They  come from a long and old line of six generation of women psychics. Being born with their gifts, developing them, and fine tuning them with high accuracy they have been using them all their lives.

 Rose started out in 1962 with her sister Bernadette with psychic gifts and has gone by world renowned clairvoyant psychics.  Since she has started her business with her sister and family it has been family owned and operated since it first use in a psychic reading stand in 1962.

Rose Ann Schwab is the top clairvoyant psychic medium  as the only one used by generations of United States Presidents  voluntarily at no pay for professional consulting (economy, state of the country, national disasters, national security to name a few) and the White House in Professional Business Consulting and on the Presidential Advisory Commission, because of Rose's established high accuracy, credibility, reputation and integrity. 

Rose has never had to buy her awards, honors, and recognitions. Not only has she earned them, individual give them to her because they want the positive connection that will also further them whether in their professional or personal lives.

Honors: Minnesota Chief of Police Association Support Appreciation Recognition 2008-11| MN FO Police Foundation 2008-11|Minnesota FO of Police Foundation Charity Ball Support Recognition Invitation 2008| Judge for Miss Iowa USA & Miss Iowa Teen 11/2002|  | Wall of Tolerance; Rosa Parks 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005|Entrepreneur of the Year 1999 by WCCO & 94.5 FM Radio Minnesota| Women Of The Year Awards 1994-2002 | Professional Women Of The Year Award 2000-2003 Minnesota| Recognition for Crisis Center Work 1990 Iowa| Recognition for Outstanding Community Work 1982-1989 Iowa & 1996-2000 Minnesota| Recognition of  Outstanding Work in Teaching Others 1982-1989 Iowa | Recognition For Volunteer Work helping teens, elderly & those in need 1975-1982 & 1982-1989, Iowa 1994-1999 Minnesota| Interview with Matt Kelly Anchor/Reporter Iowa Radio |  Letters of Recognition and Appreciation For Appearances At Workshops and Lectures from 1962 -1987 & 1997-2002 including the Whole Life Expo held in St. Paul  1999 Nation Wide|  

Republican Party: Gold Medal 2006 From The White House, for Outstanding Work| 2005 Presidential Advisory Commission| 2005 Presidential Business Advisory Commission| Republican Minnesota Business Advisory Council 2005| President Regan Gold Medal 2005| Jan. 2003 & 2004 Certificate of Recognition from the National Republican Congressional Committee & President George W. Bush For Outstanding Work/ 2003 & 2004 Business Advisory Council Awarded From The National Republican Congressional Committee & President George W. Bush| 2003 & 2004 National Republican Congressional Committee & President George W. Bush Business Advisory Council Representing Minnesota |  Dec. 2002;President George W. Bush & First Lady Laura Bush 2002 with the official Presidential Seal, in recognition for our outstanding work in assisting this administration including the national security of our country.|  Recognition Republican National Committee 2002| Republican Nation Committee 2003 | President George Bush & Vice President Dick Chaney 2004| Letters of Recognition From Congressmen Jim Ramstad 1996 | Letters of Recognition From Congressmen Jim Ramstad 1998 | Letters of Recognition From Congressmen Jim Ramstad 2002 |

Democratic Party: 1993 Recognitions President Clinton & First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton |  1993 Recognitions President Clinton & First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton | 1993 Recognitions President Clinton & First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton  | 1993 Recognitions President Clinton & First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton| 1994 Recognitions President Clinton & First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton    |1996 Recognitions President Clinton & First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton |1998 Recognitions President Clinton & First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton |2000 Recognitions President Clinton & First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton | Recognitions From Vice President Al Gore 2000| Vice President Al Gore & Senator Lieberman | Senator John Kerry  | 2002 Recognitions Democratic National Committee |2000 Recognitions Democratic National Committee | 2001 Recognitions Democratic National Committee | Letters of Recognition From Senator Wellstone 1994 | Letters of Recognition From Senator Wellstone 1996 | 1998 Letters of Recognition From Senator Wellstone 2000 | Congressman  Dick Gephardt 1993-2000 |  President Jimmy Carter & First Lady Rosalynn |


Government Official Offices: Letters of Recognition From Department Of Labor 2002 | Letters of Recognition From Department Of Labor 1997| Letters of Recognition From  U.S.  Department of Justice 1996 | 

   Presidential Advisory Councils & Commissions From President Jimmy Carter, President Bill Clinton to Currently President George Bush and many more of over 50 years of volunteer work to use my gifts, expertise and abilities to make a difference.

Documented High Awards, Honors, Gold Medals & Recognitions Pictures Link

High Client Testimonials Link

  Presidential Advisory Councils & Commissions From President Jimmy Carter, President Bill Clinton to Currently President George Bush and President Barack Obama


    Angelic Inspirations ™ 1962, International Inc. (LLC) 5216 Brookdale Drive N, Minneapolis, MN 55443