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***Angelic Inspirations Policies:

  • We have the right to decline any individual service who we feel is being not being honest, that is a scam artist trying to get a free reading, or has no respect for us, our time or the effort we make to help you.


  • We do not give refunds before or after our sessions because we donate to charities such as for Cancer, food shelters, homeless shelters and animal shelters and devastations to name a few, off the top of the proceeds. We have never had any complaints and have a very high return rate and clientele recomendations.


  • We tell you this before any payments are made for our services. We never pressure you to use us or our services in any way. You have the choice to decline our services, & find someone that is like minded to fit your special needs.


  • There are no refunds given after the consulting or reading has been done, or especially INCLUDING several weeks later. Please make sure you want your consulting session. There are no hidden fees or costs.


  • We do help those in need based on the clients needs and our scaled rate. Anyone wanting to meet our requirements and to qualify must ask for this area up front. We do not offer it up front. This area is based on household income/what you live on and is different for each client and their needs. We keep this strictly confidential between us and our client.


  • We believe in giving back for our blessings and we thank you for your understanding and helping us to make generous donation that helps and saves lives.


Thank you so very much.

Angelic Inspirations Staff

















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