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Free 600 Page Spiritual Website of Information (Articles, Self Help, Poems, Humor & Much More)

 Psychic Readings, Life Reading, Personal, Professional & Business Consulting (Seeing & Talking to The Dead, Love/Romance, Relationships, Career, Business, Health, Reincarnation, Psychic Development, Angels, Hypnotherapy, Grief Bereavement, Chakra & Energy Clearings... And Much More)    




High Integrity, Honesty & Ethics

"True Psychic Visions & Insights©"

Advisor to Law Enforcement/ FBI &  Abilities Tested to be 98% accurate, Advisor to The White House Under Generations of United States Presidents Regardless of Political Party, Advisor to US Senators & Representatives

In Person, By Phone or Conferencing/Web Cam (Skype)

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"How we deal with our psychic abilities determines the kind of person we are. Just like having and using values, and ethics, psychic abilities are just as important. It is up to each one of us, whether or not we choose to use these psychic abilities. If we choose to develop them, to use them with understanding, responsibility & wisdom. In turn, using them to make a difference in the world."©   Psychic Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD



World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium & Professional Consultant Dr. Rose Ann Schwab PhD is an award winning accurate psychic, over 55 years experience, highly educated, & many fields of expertise including parapsychology, psychology, law to name a few with education, experience and expertise. She has had near death experiences, one at the age of 6 of drowning with while swimming with her sister. Rose has talked and channeled angels and "dead people" since the age of 4. She was born with her gifts and has used them all her life to make a difference. Rose has worked as advisor to The White House/US Presidents for generations, law enforcement, and FBI. Rose has been tested by law enforcement, to be 98% accurate. Rose has also assisted in advisory sharing her insights and gifts with senators and representatives of legislature in the US government for may years assisting in making a difference,  whom she works with in moving our country forward not backward. She is known as the top consultant, psychic reader, personal consultant, relationship counselor, life coach, career and professional business advisor as well as spiritual advisor that is used and loved worldwide.

Rose does not do tarot cards, palm readings or use props of any kinds. She is a true genuine gifted psychic with a credible established reputation of high integrity, ethics, honesty and high accuracy through years of hard work that establishing herself as the Top World Renowned Psychic Medium and Professional Consultant used Today worldwide.

Rose's gifts and abilities are in the category, Nostradamus, Jean Dixon and Edgar Cayce to name a few, high established credible reputation, accuracy, honesty, ethics and integrity. Rose has taught at the University of Minnesota for over 5 years in a private special requested class.


In Rose's outstanding work, she is well known for her predictions of the terrorist attacks on America, severe storms/weather, unsolved mysteries......Terrorist plans and plotting to attack U.S. during political process, 100% accuracy in 2004 election predictions.... as well as past election predictions what does the future elections hold for us in the quakes,.....polar changes, tsunamis....500 golden years...and much more. Rose's predictions have come true with 98% accuracy. Rose is known as the "reliable source" or "credible source" in the reporting in news briefings, CNN, to the media and the public from the White House and other sources. Rose's Predictions Link






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ACCEPTED FORMS OF PAYMENT: Merchant Processing (Fraud Prevention Safe & Secure)  ALL CREDIT CARDS: Visa, Master card, American Express, Discover, Bank Debit Card, Bank Prepaid Gift Card, Checking or Savings Bank Cards, Money Order/Cash by special authorization. Sorry no personal checks.


FEES  (Please Read Thoroughly)

This is Rose's only work & livelihood, of specialized fields with experience for over 54 years where she gives you one on one and dedicated customer service

Local Home or Office Hosted Group Readings: We offer a free 30 min reading or consulting to individuals who host a group reading. Sessions are 20 mins per person. Minimum number of people 8. Maximum 16. Fees are based on number of confirmed guests. Please call our office for further information.

Local Special Appearance Group Readings, Functions or Party Minimum 50 people, Maximum 400. Fees start at $500 an hour. (International or out of State, Please call our office for further information and costs involved.)

Individual Psychic Vision Readings, Personal Advisory, Professional & Business Consulting: per person; $900 30 min USD $1800 60 min USD Limited Time Special 60 min $1200. As a special gift receive one of Rose's published Books in PDF download form.

Individual Psychic Life Readings: Your Human Connection & Design Complete Life Reading: per person (plus added bonus); Cost: $1800. Limited Time offer $1200. Limited time special offer 1 hour reading by phone or in person with Rose plus your life reading with pages of information, charts & visions from Rose $1800 USD As a special gift receive one of Rose's published Books in PDF download form.  More Info: Life Readings link

Individual Scaled Fees: Per Person; For individuals who sincerely want a reading with Psychic Rose Ann, but are unable to pay our regular fees due to current economic conditions. (This area is confidential pricing offered out of Rose's own pocket for her life blessings, gifts, friends, loved ones, and family internationally. Based on household income. Must have some sort of income or support to pay fees. Fees are required, we do not give free sessions) More Info: Scaled Fee Rate Information Link

 Fees are required before any services are given! We have Business Office hours. We assist individual worldwide based on their time zone and ours and in an agreed mutual time that works best for all. We are an established credible with high accuracy consulting firm.

Main Office phone line (land line not Skype Video Conferencing) 763-535-7982 Central Standard Time (Please Read Thoroughly) Questions & Answers On Our Sessions,

A percentage of our monthly profits help to support various charities such as the homeless shelters, food shelters, animal shelters, St. Jude's children's hospital, Cancer, Spine, & heart associations & research to name a few through our Angelic Inspirations Foundation of Life.

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 Live blog talk radio sessions  with World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Rose Ann Schwab at Angelic Inspirations Radio Link



Accuracy: Tested by law enforcement and The White House to be 98% accurate. Actual Visions: "True" Psychic Visions,


Psychic Dr. Rose's gifts are in the category of Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon and Nostradamus Predictions. Rose is credible, established with over 50 years experience and many fields of expertise. She is the top psychic clairvoyant medium that is known, loved and used by thousands internationally since 1962. Rose has appeared on many talk shows, radio and TV shows such as Angels the Messengers, Miracles, Sally Raphael show, Unsolved Mysteries to name a few in the course of her over 50 years as a credible established psychic.


Rose Has Assisted Many Individuals & Celebrities Internationally:

Rose's insights have been used by many celebrities, individuals and businesses world wide. She has been advisor to the FBI, The White House under generations of US Presidents to name a few. Rose has also been advisor for TV, movies & radio shows on angels, psychic/paranormal and much more. She works with high end clientele, as well as individuals of all incomes worldwide. Predictions of  success for Sylvia Browne as well as her problems, James Van Praagh, (2 TV shows and various other success in careers) and insights used by Echo Bodine, (knowledge that everyone is gifted & much more, Cyndi Dale (professional consulting), Ophra Winfrey (angel network), Montel Williams, (professional consulting and suggestions for show with Sylvia Browne as well as giving readings on the show) and generations of United States Presidents and The White House in professional business consulting (economy, national security, natural disasters, war, business, professional, government (FBI, CIA, and legislature), Top Companies (fortune 500, 1000) Individuals from all over the world (Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Korea, Italy, America, France, England, Iraq, Indonesia, Canada).. to name a few....all documented and publicly known. Client Recommendations & Testimonials Link



When you receive a reading or consulting from Rose, you will feel and know the difference in your experience right away. You will feel peace & calm and drawn to Rose's light. With Rose's near death experience individuals have stated that you can definitely see the light surrounding Rose & when she talks feel the presence of light and angels all around her. It is like "Having A Little Bit Of Heaven Right Here On Earth.©"



The Info Provided will answer most of your questions!


When you receive a reading or consulting from Rose, you will feel and know the difference in your experience right away. With Rose's near death experience individuals have stated that you can definitely see the light surrounding Rose & when she talks feel the presence of light and angels all around her. It is like "Having A Little Bit Of Heaven Right Here On Earth.©"

In Rose's outstanding work, she is well known for her predictions of the terrorist attacks on America, severe storms/weather, unsolved mysteries......Terrorist plans and plotting to attack U.S. during political process, 100% accuracy in 2004 election predictions.... as well as past election predictions what does the future elections hold for us in the quakes,.....polar changes, tsunamis....500 golden years... gas, oil and heating increased prices 5 years before they occurred and much more.




Angelic Inspirations©®™ mission is to assist other individuals worldwide, to bring them a better understanding of the word "psychic" and the use of psychic abilities that are God given and we are all born with and blessed with. To help those who connect with us to go higher and reach the loving embrace and light of our Father regardless of race, religion, or creed. It is our mission to touch others with our light and help to raise them up higher to this connection through their development and use of there gifts through this better understanding one step at a time.

It is our mission to help understand that we never use our psychic abilities to do harm or hurt others, to use our gifts to the highest degree of honesty, integrity, and ethics and to raise all who come to us in seeking of knowledge, truth and understanding a connection that raises them higher to our God and creator......

More Info: Angelic Inspirations©®™ Mission Statement Link



Angelic Inspirations ©: Through Angelic Inspiration.....True actual psychic visions.

Angelic Enlightenment ©: Through Angelic Enlightenment with near death experiences that heightened and strengthened psychic abilities starting at the age of 6 of drowning, and various accidents throughout life, giving Rose's life a great purpose.

Angelic Inspirations ©®™: Through the connection to the power of Angels to Angel Inspiration's work of light from Angels themselves or light spirits, spirit guides and loved one that have passed on to name a few that have given Rose her high integrity, honesty and ethics. To use abilities to make a difference as well as to bring about positive energy and changes in the world. With the use of God given gifts and high accuracy have built Rose's high credible established reputation of over 55 years in the light.




























Psychic/Metaphysical/Paranormal Consulting:* Individual Clairvoyant Psychic Readings * Channeling Angels & Instruction * ESP * Individual Souls Purpose * Angel Readings * Individual Metaphysical Psychic Counseling * Akashic Records * Seeing & Talking To The Dead *  Channeling  * Past Lives * Future Events * Future Outcomes * 2012 & Beyond *  Predictions  Paranormal * House Readings-Ghosts * Spirits * Psychic Blockages

Spiritual: *Intuitive Development & Instruction  * Romance * Spiritual Pathways & Direction  * Curses & Dark Clouds,  * Prayers * Ridding of darkness and negativity through the light.*Spirit Guides/Angels,*Meditations, Prayers, & Toning/Chanting * Spiritual Blockages  

Life Readings; What makes you, you. Your DNA connection from childhood to adult, life choices, paths to take, keys to success and more

Personal: * Relationships,*Love, *Romance, *Image, *Personal & Relationship Consulting  *Dating Consulting    Professional Image Consulting: *  Personal Appearance & Image Consulting * Career Paths  * Professional Coaching (Self Esteem, Confidence, Image, Professional Conduct, Professional Appearance)* Life Coach, *Soul Mates  * Twin Souls * Legal Outcomes,* Financial, *  Forecasts of Future,  *Life Path Readings, *Codependency Counseling * Grief Bereavement

Additional Consultings: Hypnotherapy, Personal, restoration energy, Crisis Counseling

Health: *Light Body & Energy Rejuvenation, *Aura Readings, *Chakra Energy Healings, *Chakra Energy Clearings,*Health Readings *Hypnotherapy, * Health Blockages *Reiki
*Reflexology * Aura Cleansings * Past Life Blockages, * Childhood Blockages, *Relationship Blockages, *Abuse Blockages




Future:  * Personal Future * Future Events, *Future Relationships  And Much More

Reincarnation: * Exploring & Understanding Your Past Lives, Present & Future*

Higher Source & Angelic Realm: *Angel Readings *Channeling Angels, * Spirit Guides * Angel Messages

Manifestation:* Manifesting The 3 P's: Power, Prestige, &  Prosperity 

Dream Realm:  * Dream Visions Instruction & Development * Dream Analysis  * Using Your Dreams To Advance & Understanding Them.

Professional Business Consulting: *Business Consulting * Financial Consulting,* Corporate Advisory, * Image Consulting * Professional Consulting  *Economic Forecasts *Business Trouble Shooting *Home & Business Decor Consulting  * Legal Background * Real estate background * Psychology background and many more areas

Professional Consulting  *Professional Consulting (Career, Image, Jobs & more) * Life Coach *Anger Management* Life Path Counseling *Hypnotherapy *Feng Shui Consulting Home & Business  *Feng Shui Landscape Consulting * Business & Corporate Trouble Shooting/Finding Solutions/Solving Problems 

EXTRA: Mentoring, Unsolved Mysteries, Profiling, Courses, Retreats, Tours, Cruises, Special Appearances, Fund Raise Appearances, Speaking Engagements,



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This is a sample radio interview with readings done on the show many years ago. Free Reading Offer Has Expired. Fees are required for readings or consultings.





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